Memory Squares

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Memory Squares

Some national territories, having been strong squares in times past, places of arms, or another type of squares, inevitably associated with the military world, are today places of Memories. Memories which in our opinion, should be preserved, encouraged and stimulated to contribute to the formulation of a competitive and intelligent future strategy.

Therefore, recognizing that Portugal is a “work of soldiers” and that the History of Portugal is intersected with Military History, the historical military component can be considered as the current and future common denominator, be it in terms of territorial identity or in terms or in terms of formulation and accomplishment of new opportunities for local, regional and national development.

This said, and resorting to a scientific document produced in Portugal, the “National Military Tourism Charter” and at the initial stage of this project, we intend to create an Intermunicipal Military Tourism Network through the brand “Memory Squares”.

The Memory squares, project under development, aims to achieve a conjoint act in the safeguarding, interpretation and revitalization of Portugal’s History and historic national military heritage. For this, the Intermunicipal Military Tourism Network means to conjugate historical end heritage appreciation with tourism promotion, contributing to the fulfillment of the objectives of national Tourism and Culture policies and for regional development, through the creation of new opportunities for territorial development.