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TM Seal

At its genesis, the Military Tourism project predicted an involvement of local partners, like municipal councils, Regional Development and Coordination Commissions (CCDR), tourism operators, hotels, restaurants, and other entities who have an intervention in the economy of national regions.

In this sense, and aiming at aggregating all relevant partners within local economies for the stimulation of tourism in national regions, we consider the implementation of the Military Tourism Seal as a prime objective. The Military Tourism Seal is an identifying image of the establishments which integrate, or support, the Military Tourism project.

One of the objectives, aside from the contribution to the stimulation of the local tourism industry, for the partners to be identified by the Military Tourism Seal and to punctually receive brochures, routes and merchandising from the ATMPT. At each place there will be information as to the fastest means to access the ATMPT’s main channels and mediums of content disclosure.

Still under development, this project means to get all partners who are recognized for the quality of their provided service to be referenced on the ATMPT’s digital and analog props.