Culture Barracks

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Culture Barracks

With the intention of developing tourism and culture, along with making use of military infrastructures, the Portuguese Military Tourism Association seeks to maintain the history of various national spaces alive.

The Culture Barracks, an artistic and cultural project passible of being reapplied in different national spaces, means to adapt historical and military structures, where students, artists and freelancers, among others, can work and exhibit their work, and where tourists and others can know more about local and national history. These structures will not only maintain the same identity, but will a motive for strengthening the link between the place and the memory of their operational journey.

The pilot-project of the Culture Barracks was conceived, through the execution of different studies necessary for the effect, presenting the 2nd Lancers Regiment as a privileged place with an enormous potential for this effect. Thusly and in a broad sense, the project presents that:

The STMPT has the conditions to transform the existing barracks into a cultural space of tourism interest, with the special military and family conditions. For this outcome, the buildings and exteriors will be transformed into tourism, culture and sport locations.

The structure is projected to count on a specialized security team and a vast group of technicians, offering various spaces for rehearsals, shows, exhibitions, markets, for co-working and co-studying and even for sport.

As an example of this, in the perimeter of the Marechal Carmona parade, with an extraordinary view over the Tagus River and the 25th of April Bridge there are various catering establishments. Furthermore as a means of promoting cultural commerce, there will be art galleries, music shops, dance and theatre, along with handicraft workshops.

To highlight the existence of a student residence with 40 double rooms and 16 dormitories.

This project is prepared and ready to be put into operation.