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Recognizing the historic-military importance and value, existing in our national territory, along with the equipment and services which add value and present this theme to the tourist and citizen, the Portuguese Military Tourism Association (ATMPT) has developed activities in the domains of tourism and cultural promotion and dissemination.

The promotion actions carried out by the ATMPT mean to, aside from contributing operationally to the strengthening of the Military Tourism brand, attribute the due value and recognition to national resources and attractions of a Military-tourism nature.

Participating with the available resources and tools, the ATMPT has contributed with national entities in the development of national and international promotional props for the existing equipment and services.



Responsible for the organizing of conferences, launching of products, support and partnership in different events, among other actions, the ATMPT attempts to create means and channels of interaction with specific groups and with the general public.

Consequently, the organization and management of events associated to the Military Tourism theme, in an individual or partnership manner, along with the support of events organized by national public and private institutions is one of the ATMPT’s main areas of activity.





Conscious of the importance of fundamental and applied research for the development of Military Tourism, the ATMPT develops its activity with a close link to varied higher learning institutions.

From Tourism to Heritage, from Art to Multimedia, from History to Photography, many are the scientific areas which hold an important place in the development of this brand and product. Thus, the work developed in partnership or with higher learning institutions provides a fruitful articulation between the ATMPT and ongoing research.





The ATMPT along with its partners have been highlighted, from the beginning, for the development of Military Tourism Products.

From supporting brand creations, developing mobile applications, information portals, editorial lines, requalifying products, among other concrete examples, the ATMPT has developed and participated on the development of Military Tourism Products.






Face the unquestionable transversality of Military Tourism, and due to its nature and context, the ATMPT carries out its activity based on national partnerships.

The associates and innumerous national equipment and services who conceptually and operationally fit into the Military Tourism domain, along with the private agents who develop or seek to develop activities within this theme are important elements which form and boost the ATMPT’s network.